The 43rd TMS2013 Jaguar Land Rover Press Conference


from Phil Popham Speech

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, and a war welcome to Jaguar Land Rover. It is a great pleasure to be back here in Tokyo.

We are one company with two great British brands. Both with a rich heritage of design and technical innovation, that are respected around the world and especially here in Japan.

Jaguar Land Rover is a strong, healthy and vibrant company.

We are well positioned, strategically and financially with a focus on sustainable, profitable growth.

Our products are in high demand all around the world. Year to date – Global sales are up by 18% and just last month up by 36%. I am also very proud that Japan is seeing year on year sales growth of 77% for Jaguar Land Rover.

Before I go any further, I would like to introduce you to the newest member of the Jaguar Land Rover team. Mr. Magnus Hansson is the new Managing Director of Jaguar Land Rover Japan, please join me in welcoming Magnus and wishing him well in his new role.

Our goal is to deliver something outstanding for our customers. We believe driving is not just about the car: we are dedicated to enriching lifestyle, creating experiences that make our customers feel special.

Jaguar and Land Rover deliver products that are unique. We do not complete in the volume race. We are a specialist premium automotive manufacturer. We offer something different, something special: British design and market-leading engineering and technologies – combined with bespoke customer service and quality.

The successes here in Japan are contributing towards our growing global success. This business performance is driven by a portfolio of outstanding new products. We are absolutely determined to realize the full potential of these two brilliant, iconic brands.

Today, I want to share with you the next stage and announce an even wider range of compelling products. Land Rover success is built on 65 years of innovation, technology, and four wheel drive expertise. Over the past three years our business has been through a remarkable transformation.

On the stand today, we have our updated family of Luxury SUVs – our ALL NEW Range Rover Sport, 14MY Range Rover Evoque and of course, the 14MY Discovery. When we first launched Range Rover Sport in 2005, it made a real impact and was a very successful car for Land Rover.

The NEW Range Rover Sport – an all aluminium vehicle, with more Range Rover AND more Sport, has been designed and engineered with Land Rover’s DNA at its heart. It’s the third all-new Range Rover to be launched in three consecutive years. It represents a step change in terms of design, technology and innovation. It promises to be the fastest, most agile, most responsive Land Rover ever. I am honored to show you the NEW Range Rover Sport.

Thank you to David Saddington, Studio Director Land Rover Design – revealing the New Range Rover Sport here today. The 510 PS supercharged V8 goes from 0 to 100 in 5.3 seconds. Active suspension and torque vectoring create more connected, agile handling, and there’s a razor sharp feel to the steering. The aluminium body structure is 25% stiffer and 39% lighter than the previous model … it helps to deliver a total weight saving of up to 420 kilograms. The new 3.0 lire V6 supercharged petrol engine – the first time a V6 petrol has been available on the Sport – offers 340 PS, with impressive torque throughout the range. And believe me, it comes with a great soundtrack,

Ladies and gentlemen, the Range Rover Sport goes in sale at the end of this month, joining the Evoque and the Range Rover in our all new portfolio of luxury SUVs. Together with the updated Freelander and Discovery, the Land Rover brand is poised for continued success.

And this is only the beginning. Jaguar Land Rover is investing at an unprecedented level, we’re continuing to find ways to serve our customers better – and there is so much more to come from the Land Rover brand.

Jaguar is a brand in transformation, truly gathering momentum – and still hungry for growth.

We have the strongest product lineup in our history.

And we’re continuing to expand our range with a flow of brilliantly competitive new cars that deliver on Jaguar’s core values – innovative technology, seductive design and intelligent performance.

Recently at the Frankfurt Motor Show we showcased a Concept that pushes the boundaries of those values even further – the Jaguar C-X17.

It’s an innovative sports crossover that combines our exciting sports car lineage with flexibility, usability and space like never before.

Most importantly, C-X17 demonstrates the breadth of potential of our new Advanced Aluminium Architecture – and the possibilities it opens up for the future of Jaguar design.

The first product built upon the new architecture will be delivered in 2015, and it will be an all-new, mid-sized sports sedan positioned in the price segment below XF.

This design ethos finds its purest expression in a car that is transforming the image of Jaguar around the world – the sensational F-TYPE.

F-TYPE, Jaguar Land Rover

The F-TYPE is igniting a new passion for Jaguar, a true sports car that puts performance back at the heart of our brand.

It’s the heir to some of the most iconic Jaguar sports cars ever created – a car that returns Jaguar to its spiritual roots.

Two years ago, we showed you the C-X16 Concept – our vision for a sports coupe that signaled our future ambition.

We’ve been hinting at it for a long time – so I am pleased to end all the speculation.

The F-TYPE Coupe builds on the outstanding success of the Convertible – bringing even more dynamic capability, and even more exhilarating performance.

It’s stiffer, sharper and faster.

It’s agile, precise and in control at the outer limits of its performance.

It feel engaging, intuitive and alive.

The Coupe has all the design attributes of the Convertible, with a more dramatic profile and stance. A truly modern design for a truly modern era.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the new addition to our JAGUAR family, the F-TYPE Coupe.

I would like to thank Alister Whelan, Chief Designer Jaguar – for helping us reveal the stunning F-TYPE Coupe.

This is the definitive Jaguar sports car.

For the first time, it introduces a thrilling F-TYPE R-Performance model – the pinnacle of the range that takes pure driving pleasure to a whole new level.

The R-model s powered by a 5.0-litre supercharged V8 engine that delivers an impressive output of 550 PS.

It’s capable of reaching 100km/hour in 4.2 seconds – and on to a limited top speed of 300km/hour.

This car looks fast, it feels fast – and, quite simply, it is fast.

Ladies and gentlemen, another breakthrough new Jaguar.

Thank you.


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